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Sales FAQ

You may contact us by inquiry through our contact page. We can also be reached by Phone at (408) 986-9988, by Fax at (408) 986-8024, and by mail at 3041 Olcott Street. Santa Clara, CA 95054. Our regular business hours are 8:00 to 17:30 PST, Monday ‒ Friday.

Newnex accepts the following payment methods in US Dollars:

  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) for domestic customers only
  • Pay In Advance: Wire payment, Net terms(Newnex approval required prior to purchase), Check, Cashier Check, Money Order, Paypal; $20 for each returned check
  • Purchase Orders: Government POs; for institution and business POs net terms could be granted with credit approval.

There is a 4% credit card bank surcharge if the invoice amount is over $1000.

There is a $25 wire transfer fee for international orders that are paid by wire payment. This fee will be waived if the invoice amount is over $1000.

There is a $5 handling fee for orders that are $25 or less.

The Newnex office is located at 3041 Olcott Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA. If you are able to come to our office to pick up your order, our sales representative can call when your order is available and schedule a time you can pick it up. We refer to this as "Will-Call".

Newnex offers the following shipping methods:

  • UPS/FedEx/DHL: Ground, 3-Days, 2-Days, Next Day, and other services.
  • US Global Express Mail for international
  • "Will-Call": With advance notice the customer may call the Newnex and come to our office to pick up their order.
  • Shipping and handling costs are dependent on method of shipping, distance, and total weight of the order.

Newnex offers in stock products, custom design cables and OEM product services, please see below for the typical lead time of each type of product.

In‑stock item, can be shipped out from California, USA within 1‑2 business day.

Custom design cables with existing connector lead time is 4‑6 weeks.

Custom and OEM cables and products that with non‑existing connector design or any other special requirement lead time is 6‑8 weeks.

Please submit an inquiry through our contact page with the product number you are interested in to request for 2D or 3D product drawings.

Standard Cables and Connectors

Newnex cable, by default, is measured from tip to tip.

Cable Length (Tip to Tip) Tolerance
Under 2000mm ⁺ ∕ ⁻ 20mm
2000mm to 2999 mm ⁺ ∕ ⁻ 30mm
3000 mm to 5999 mm ⁺ ∕ ⁻ 50mm
6000 mm and above ⁺ ∕ ⁻ 100mm

Cable Type Low Temp Limit High Temp Limit
USB 2.0 ‑10 °C 85 °C
USB 3.0/3.1 ‑20 °C 85 °C
1394 FireWire ‑10 °C 85 °C
GigE Vision ‑10 °C 85 °C

Cable Type UL Conformance
USB 2.0 UL VW‑1
USB 3.0/3.1 UL VW‑1
1394 FireWire UL VW‑1
GigE Vision UL VW‑1

Cable Type Differential Impedance
USB2.0 90 Ω
USB3.0 90 Ω
1394 FireWire 110 Ω
GigE Vision 100 Ω

Newnex cable assembly follows specification requirements for the standard cable configurations. Custom wiring scheme are available to order upon request.

Overmold Size Core Size
40mm x 18mm 14.2mm x 6.35mm x 28.5mm
22mm x 19mm 14.2mm x 6.35mm x 13.5mm
32mm x 17mm 14.2mm x 6.35mm x 28.5mm

The standard location of the ferrite core is 50mm from the end of the connector. If you want to place it in a different location, please specify when you submit the inquiry. Be aware, the distance from the ferrite core to the connector end must be greater than or equal to 50mm.

Beta cables allow the connection between two 1394b 9pin devices. A bilingual cable allows the connection between 6pin or 4pin devices to 9pin sockets. As shown below, the beta plug fits into both beta and bilingual sockets. Bilingual plugs can only fit into bilingual sockets.

1394 beta vs bilingual connector

panel mount FAQ

Panel mount connector is designed for user to easily mount the cable onto various different mounting brackets. For example, the figure shows and example on how to install a USB 3.0 panel mount cable with standard female A connector onto the chassis panel. The two M3 screw will mount the cable connector (M3 screw nut embedded inside the connector) with the panel.

The locking male connector plug and panel mount female connector are not designed to be mated together since they usually are for different applications.

In fact, locking male connector plug often follows a certain industrial standard to lock with devices like an industrial hub, a machine vision camera, etc. Therefore the center spacing between the screws locking male connector plugs and panel mount connector are purposely designed to be different.

For example, USB 3.0 A male locking connector follow USB3 Vision standard with 22mm center spacing, whereas, USB 3.0 A female panel mount locking connector has 30mm center spacing. Therefore, they are not able to mate together.

panel mount faq2

There are three typical wire connection for USB 3.0 A male to A male cable, one standard wiring and two special wiring options. If you use the cable for host-to-host connection, you will probably need the standard wiring. If you use the cable to couple with some adapter for host-to-device connection, you will probably need either one of the special wiring scheme depend on the wiring of your coupler or adapter you use with. You are welcome to contact Newnex for more detail and assistance if you don’t know how to choose.

Newnex cables are constructed with UL recognized raw cable material with compliant AWM style and assembled following the corresponding connectivity standard.
AWM style number varies on the specific configuration and length of a cable. For UL system certification of a specific product, it is usually done with customer paying for the cost.

Yes, all the USB cable assemblies Newnex manufactures are properly shielded based on the shielding effectiveness requirements from USB-IF standards. Extra shielding beyond the standard requirements can be requested.

FireNEX™-FLEX High Flex Life Cable for Robotic Application

Cable Type Maximum Flex Life
USB 2.0 6 million
USB 3.0/3.1 6 million
1394 FireWire 10 million
GigE Vision 10 million

High Flex life cable is the cable designed to survive 1‑10 million flexing cycles. It's different from the conventional meaning high flex cable, which usually refers to the cable that is being supple and highly flexible.

In robotic and automated manufacturing equipment, the repetitive motion of machinery destroys conventional cable. High Flex life cable designed for repetitive flexing is the answer.

firenex logo

Newnex on‑site flex‑life cable testing facility tests all the above three types of flexing each for over millions of cycles and still on going to verify designs, evaluate new material and cable construction.

Yes, the FireNEX™‑uLINK is compatible with USB 2.0 peripherals.

The FireNEX™‑uLINK can support up to 16 meters.

The typical configurations of FireNEX™‑uLINK are A male to B male or A male to Micro B male, if you need A male to A female, or A male to C male or other configurated or custom connector, please contact Newnex for further information.

Yes, please contact Newnex support for further information.

No, you do not need to install a driver. You can use the FireNEX™‑uLINK as you would with a regular USB 3.0 cable.

Currently, FireNEX™-uLINK active cables are not plenum rated. When installing a FireNEX™-uLINK cable in plenum space, user could find a proper way, such as using a conduit, to install the cable in order to meet the installation code.

USB 3.0 Optical Fiber Extender

OM3 or OM4 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, with Duplex LC‑LC Connector.

A separate USB Adapter must be used together with FireNEX™‑5000H to make it USB 2.0 backward compatible.

The Local Unit can only be bus powered. The Remote Unit needs to be powered by a 12V‑24V, DC power adapter with 5.5mm x 2.5 mm center positive DC plug.

1. Us a short USB 3.0 cable to connect the host directly to the device, to make sure the device can be detected via a direct connection. If not, please check with your device manufacture for help.

2. Disable "USB Selective Suspend Setting" in Windows Control Panel→Power Options→Edit Power Plan→Change Advanced Power Setting

3. If still not detected, power cycle both Local and Remote Unit and repeat the standard setup procedures described in the user manual to reconnect the device.

4. If still not detected, disable and then enable USB 3.0 host in the device manager.

In cases when none of the above methods fail, please contact Newnex technical support team for further assistance.

A USB 3.0 A male to B male cable need to be used to connect the host computer to Local Unit.

A USB 3.0 A male to Micro B male or B Male cable need to be used to connect the Remote Unit to your device, depend on the USB interface on your device.

Yes, all the USB Type‑A and Type‑B ports on FireNEX™‑5000H can be used with USB3 Vision Compliant Locking Cable.

No, the FireNEX™‑5000H does not require any software or drivers to work.

FireNEX repeaters use a fiber cable following an A/B straight-through wiring per the TIA-568-C standard. For reference, see diagram below:

A-to-B straight-through fiber patch cable wiring

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